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Change Mac Address on MacBook Air/Pro (Spoofing)

I recently had an issue changing mac address on my MacBook Air. Here’s how to change mac address to a random one keeping first three digits (otherwise it won’t work). tl;dr: $ networksetup -getmacaddress en0 | awk ‘//{“openssl rand -hex 3” | getline mac; sub(“(:..){3}$”, mac, $3); print $3}’ | sed ‘s/://g; s/\(..\)/:\1/g; s/^://’ | […]

Rescue Data via Recovery Mode in macOS

I recently had to help a friend of mine rescuing some data from her MacBook’s hard drive. Upgrading macOS from Yosemite to Sierra failed and her last TimeMachine backup was a month ago – still better than mine a year ago… Here’s what we’ve done to save her data from MacBook’s internal to an external […]

Improving HTTPS Website Security Level

HTTPS finally spreads around the web and is getting more and more the de facto standard for websites. A few months ago Mozilla released its tool Observatory for testing website security level. It rates in form of grades from A+ (best) to F (worst). Following you’d see how to reach an A+ on your website […]

Creating a Blog Like This One

Interested in a fancy blog like this one? Just follow this guide and you’ll get an awesome lookalike! Okay, maybe it’s just a reminder for myself what I’ve got to do when I’ve finally broken my WordPress installation