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IntelliJ IDEA Application Variables in Config Files

I was missing a list of variables set by IntelliJ IDEA while parsing configuration files. I’ve found following variables (most likely not complete): $APPLICATION_HOME_DIR$ $APPLICATION_PLUGINS_DIR$ $USER_HOME$

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Extract Maven Dependency Version as Property

Problem: You got a lot of <version> tags in your Maven pom.xml that you want to centralize in <properties> section. Solution: Use an editor with greedy RegEx functionality like Notepad++ 5.9+ to find and replace.

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Hello, world!

After working some of my precious time on something I’d now call reinventing the wheel I finally decided giving WordPress a try. Long story short: it’s dead simple and this blog was born. So have fun reading my notes, they’re hopefully helpful to you To whom who may concern here’s a screenshot of my first […]

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